A film by Asteris Kutulas • Music by Mikis Theodorakis • Choreography by Renato Zanella
cfp award

Alexandros Karozas

Alexandros Karozas, who was born in Greece, lives in Frankfurt am Main, Constantinople and at the mount Olympus. He enjoys these cosmopolitan surroundings and has, moreover, become a part of them. His music is therefore all the more surprising. A link between cultures. Not artificial, but natural, sensitive, mature. Music, which inspires us to observe the evolution of culture in a great country. Something new is being created here, which nonetheless does not deny its roots. Alexandros Karozas succeeds because of his sense of unity, and the naturalness with which he blends various elements into something new. It is a joy to experience, and at the same time it conveys more of its creator, his values and his homeland, than perhaps he himself suspects.

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