A film by Asteris Kutulas • Music by Mikis Theodorakis • Choreography by Renato Zanella
cfp award

Director's Statement

I wanted to shoot a filmic poem, a monumental, unusual and very emotional music „video clip“ to highlight a desperate woman’s – and radicalized youth’s – yearning for freedom, both sold down the river, both at war with their own society.

Medea kills her kids. Medea only thinks of herself. The film’s storyline, on the murder of two children by their own mother, was written by Greek tragedian Euripides, the soundtrack comes courtesy of Mikis Theodorakis, the choreography was devised by Renato Zanella. Despite being recycled through myriads of versions since antiquity, this subject has lost none of its everyday and brutal topicality.
I wanted to focus on its contemporary application: text, music and dance united in a film collage that would leave one no other way out than through the bitter desolation of a society that abandons its children each and every day. Enter the figure of 15-year-old Bella who plays herself in this stunning silver screen debut. Cursed innocence, the “lost one”, spat out by society, at the mercy of exhaustion, frustration and lovelessness.

Asteris Kutulas

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  • foto © Stefanos Vidalis